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Explore the secrets that are hidden underground!
Moscow Metro Tour starts at the Karl Marx monument on the Revolution square.
See meeting point on the map here
Come to see the "underground palaces" built in Soviet era during our 2-hours tour and feel like being in a museum while going through one of the biggest metro systems of the world!
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The tour costs 30 euro (2200 rub) – and in the end you will definitely call it a bargain!
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A ton of stories about hidden spots and secrets of Moscow metro are waiting for you – just come and find them out!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Metro Tour
How long is your tour?
Our Metro tour takes approximately 2 hours and covers 11 most beautiful metro stations. We walk at a less intensive time of the day in order to have a chance to look at the best metro interiors in rather comfortable atmosphere.
Where does the tour start?

Our tour starts at the Karl Marx monument on the Revolution square. Click here to see a map.
How do I get to the starting point?
The closest metro station is Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Revolution square)
Where does the tour end?
Our tour ends at the Mayakovskaya metro station (green line).
What languages are your tours in?
Unfortunately, at this stage we only offer tours in English.
How much does the tour cost?
The tour costs 30 euro (2200 rub) per person.
Are the tours suitable for children?
Our tours are suitable for people of all ages. We often have children and little ones joining our walking tours and most of them seem to have a great time. However, it really depends on your child.
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During this metro tour you will visit:
The tour takes approximately 2 hours
Story of construction
During the tour you will learn about the construction of Moscow underground, the stages of its opening and will understand why it is a live-museum rather than just a transportation system. If you are interested in discovering the role of the subway in the WWII, getting acquainted with all the curious numbers concerning the depth, length, and age of the metro system, then get ready.
Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Revolution Square metro station)
One of the first and most famous metro stations, which name is dedicated to people who took part in the October revolution. In fact, you will have the chance to see them – there are more then 70 statues made from black Armenian marble symbolizing people of the Soviet Union. One of the statues, a dog, is said to bring good luck to those who rub its nose – so you will get the chance to do it!
Kievskaya (metro station)
This white marbled station is bursting with elaborate artworks, frescoes and mosaics depicting life in Ukraine and soldiers during the October Revolution and the Civil War. Construction of this station was overseen by one of the soviet leaders, Nikita Kruschev who, as a Ukrainian himself, wanted to build a monument to the country's contribution to the creation of Soviet Russia.
Mayakovskaya (metro station)
Mayakovskaya station is a real marvel of futurist Soviet design and gets its' name from famous soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. This strikingly elegant Art-Deco station is decked with gleaming stainless steel and pink rhodonite columns beautifully contrasting with white marble walls, topped off with 34 ceiling mosaics depicting Stalin's vision for a bright Soviet future.
Komsomolskaya (metro station)
Located under the biggest Moscow transport hub, the station is one of the busiest in the whole system. It is named after the young communists also known as "komsomoltsy". The architect of this station, Alexey Schusev was awarded the most prestigious Stalin Prize for the construction of it. The design of the station is supposed to fulfill the expectations of the Metro as being the "Palace for the soviet People" – and you will definitely feel it.
Stories of Moscow Metro system
Which station is the busiest one? How many children were born in the metro? How much time will it take to go through the longest metro tunnel? After our tour you will be a real expert of one of the most amazing Moscow site!
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Moscow Metro Tour starts at the Karl Marx monument
Every day at 2 pm. See meeting point on the map. Google Maps link
Meeting Point
Metro Tour starts every day at 2 pm at the Karl Marx monument on the Revolution square
Discover the hidden places and stories of Moscow Metro!
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