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The price is easy to count - 70 euro/1 person plus 20 euro for each additional one!
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This tour is specially designed for people who do not have much time in St Petersburg - you will learn everything about our "must see" places

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our St Petersburg Private Tour
How long is your tour?
Our free tour is approximately 4 hours long and covers about 5 kilometres across the city center. We walk at a leisurely pace, stopping to speak and take a look around at regular intervals.
What languages are your tours in?
Unfortunately, at this stage we only offer tours in English.
How much does the tour cost?
The price for this tour starts from 70 euro (5300 rub) for one person. Each additional person adds 20 euro (1500 rub) to the price.
Are the tours suitable for children?
Our tours are suitable for people of all ages. We often have children and little ones joining our walking tours and most of them seem to have a great time. However, it really depends on your child.
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During this walking tour you will learn:
The tour takes approximately 4 hours
The history of St. Petersburg

The city, which was founded as a small fortress and just in couple of years became the principle one. It was the capital of Russian Empire and still bears the hallmark of this "Golden Era" of Russian history, art and literature. St. Petersburg has a lot of stories to share and secrets to discover - and we will help you to do it!
The meaning of Alexander Column
This huge construction right in the center of Palace Square was not built just in order to impress people (however, it still does!), but to celebrate the victory of Alexander I over Napoleon in Patriotic War. It reminds us of Vandome column in Paris - the monument, dedicated to victories of Napoleon - and, for sure, exceeds it!
How Kazan Cathedral survived in times of Soviet era
The cathedral was named after the icon of Our Lady of Kazan, which is believed to be "miracle-making". It was housed here till the early 1930s.
The Bolsheviks closed the cathedral for services in 1929, and from 1932 it housed the collections of the Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism, which displayed numerous pieces of religious art and served anti-religious propaganda purposes.
Legends of Singer House
It was thought to become the first skyscraper of St. Petersburg - but the rules, protecting the city landscape didn't allow the architect to realize his principle idea. However, Singer House, nowadays the headquarters for famous Russian company,, remains the hallmark of Nevsky Prospect.
Something more?
Our Private Tour covers all the must-sees of St. Petersburg:

  • St. Isaac Cathedral
  • The Admiralty
  • Winter Palace
  • General Staff Building
  • Nevsky Prospect
and even more! You will feel the unique atmosphere of the capital of Russian Empire and fall in love with it (we have no doubts!)
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